In 1868 Herman Hensel left the gold fields of California and made his way to central Texas hill country. He built his first log home and started his ranch in the Cow Creek Valley above the Colorado River. In 1965 Mrs. Minna Hensel, widow of the grandson of Herman Hensel set aside 337 acres of the Hensel Ranch for the development of an Encampment facility – a place where young and old alike could enjoy recreation, fellowship, while being taught under the guidance of Christian men and women.

The inspirational beauty of the sight has drawn people closer to God as they have enjoyed His wonders of the open hill country. Considering that picnic and recreational areas have become more crowded with each passing year the location of Hensel Camp has become strategic.  Hensel is an easy to get to place which is directed by Christians where people can be recreated by God.

Hensel Camp is Located at Travis Peak, thirty five miles northwest of the Texas State Capital in Austin just off Ranch Road 1431 on Singleton Bend Road, The Camp is easily accessible and because of the normally mild winters in Central Texas, is useable every week of the year. Much preparation has gone into the idea of Hensel Camp. Today there are eight dormitories and a magnificent dining hall that is capable of serving 200 campers. The dinning hall is a multipurpose structure and is fully equipped with commercial restaurant equipment. The Hall itself is a big open room with a fireplace at the end opposite the food serving line. The room can be set up as an auditorium, a dinning room, or an indoor play area during bad weather. Overlooking Cow Creek on the West side of the building a covered patio has been added complete with picnic table seating for some 100 campers. A patio on the East side of the building, overlooks a large, well furnished playground. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, and many other areas of interest for the campers are available. Swimming is provided in a beautiful small lake on Cow Creek, where there is a large deck, plus rope swings over the water.

Hensel is open year round for your enjoyment. It is available to members of the Church of Christ, their families, and guests. Reservations are required.

Business Information
Dean Tomberlin (Camp Manager)
(512) 267-9147
7819 Singleton Bend Road. Marble Falls, Texas 78654