General Info

Hensel Camp wants your visit to be an enjoyable, spiritually rewarding, and a memorable event. Help us care for our facilities and come back often.

Check In/Out

Weekend Retreats Can check in on Friday at 2:00 pm and check out Sunday at 2:00 pm. Summer Camps The camp’s main entrance gate will be open at 3:00 pm on Saturday for staff arrival.

Please discourage staff from arriving early. (All children that arrive with the staff need to be supervised at all times.)

Notify camp manager of any early food deliveries.

If summer camps desire to leave on Friday evening the cabins will be checked at 5:00 PM that afternoon.

Summer camps leaving on Saturday will have their cabins checked at 11:00 AM. A staff member needs to accompany the manager on walk through.

Everything that comes in with a group should go out with them.

After clean-up is completed a release from the manager is required before the group is permitted to depart.

The camp clean-up check list will be utilized by the manager for release. Camps may also use this list to assign responsibilities for clean-up. Please note any items that need our attention. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


General Items

Bring disposable and cleaning items as the camp does not provide such things as toilet tissue, garbage bags, detergents, toothpaste, etc. Camp will provide you with bleach, mops, and brooms.

Camp Rules & Regulations

Personal Conduct

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Tobacco use is discouraged.

Campers should dress in a manner consistent with Christian ideals.

Youth campers are to remain on camp grounds throughout the entire period of camp.

Courtesy, clean language, and respect for all camp leaders is expected.

Ground Rules

Use only buildings, facilities, and areas designated by the camp manager.

Park cars on arrival, driving during camp is discouraged.

Off road motorcycles are prohibited.

All motorized vehicles when in use must be driven on existing camp roads only.

Camp speed limit is 10 MPH or less.

Do not cut any trees, dead or alive, for any purpose without special clearance from the camp manager.

Hunting is prohibited.

No unauthorized firearms, bows and arrows, or sling shots are allowed on the camp grounds.

Rock Throwing Is Prohibited.

Do not remove anything from any building for any purpose unless cleared through camp manager.

Do not get on top of any structure for any reason.

Do not play any ball games in the cafeteria.

Bonfires are allowed only in designated bonfire area and must be pre-approved by the camp manager.

Do not write on cabin walls, ceilings, fans, or bunks etc…

Any damages will be added to the camp fee:
Windows  $60-$100 ea.

Fire Extinguishers  $45 ea.

Broken Chairs  $40 ea.

Writing on Camp Hensel property $10-$20 per name or letter.